One recent trend that landscape designers are using in their garden designs is to incorporate a variety of native plants as opposed to introducing new plants to the climate and environment. There are a lot of interesting plant and flower varieties that are native to Vermont that landscape designers can use to add variety and appeal to your backyard design.

Baptisia (common name: Blue False Indigo)
Echinacea (common name: Purple Coneflower)
Schizacharium (common name: Little Blue Stem Grass)
Sporobolus (common name: Prairie Dropseed Grass)
Liatris (common name: Gayfeather)
Rudbeckia (common name: Black Eyed Susans)
Silphium (common name: Cup Plant)

There are many different ways to incorporate native plants into your Vermont backyard design. They can be used in foundation beds with ornamental deciduous/evergreen shrubs and trees. On larger lots, a mixture of native plants can create a backyard natural area to cut down the amount of lawn; they can also be used to camouflage septic system mounds.



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